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Carol Holmes Education Planner

Carol Holmes
Education Planner

She:kon, I would like to take this time to introduce myself for those who do not know me.  I have been an employee with Wahta Mohawks since June of 1990. I enjoy the opportunity to work with the students of Wahta Mohawks.  It is very satisfying to report that our secondary students, who reside on the territory, have all graduated over the past several years and for the most part have all graduated with honours. Our post secondary program has a fantastic track record of producing students with various degrees and certificates.  In fact this current year we have 19 students in various Bachelors programs ranging from Nursing, Criminology, Social Science/Social Work, Psychology, Education, Commerce as an example.  We have also supported 2 students who are in Masters programs and one student in Medicine. Our 12 college students range in programs such as Earth Resources, Mechanics, Opticinery, Child and Youth, Design Arts/Video Game Arts and other Social Service Programs. We have 1 student who is in process to obtain a Certified General Accountant Degree.

We sponsor post secondary students and have many graduates from a variety of programs. If a student encounters difficulties and you as a parent don’t know where to turn, after speaking to the classroom teacher and Principal, please contact me. Sometimes talking out concerns and being open to new ideas makes all the difference.

My levels of support include, but not limited to, activities such as:  attending meetings with parents, seeking outside resources to attend meetings for increased advocacy, researching issues, explaining assessment reports, referrals as needed, etc.

If you have any concerns about your childs progress and have exhausted your resources within the school, please call. Although the distance may be too great to travel, I can be reached by telephone or email and can provide supports/suggestions should the need be there.

705-762-2354 Ext. 233

Residential Schools Settlement

Click Here for Information on the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement

30% Off Ontario Tuition

For complete information visit

Students may receive:

  • $1730.00 for University and College degree programs
  • $790.00 for College diploma and certificate programs

Am I eligible?

You could be eligible for 30% off tuition, if:

  • you’re a full-time student at a public college, university or private postsecondary school in Ontario approved for OSAP
  • you’ve been out of high school for less than 4 years (or 6 years if you have a permanent disability or you’re in a 5-year co-op program and have been out of high school for more than 4 years but less than 5 years)
  • you’re in a program you can apply to directly from high school (e.g., undergraduate level)
  • you meet the citizenship and residency requirements
  • your parents’ gross income (total before taxes) is $160,000 or less


Entrance and Second-Year scholarships available through the Ontario Clean Water Agency ….offering an Environmental Entrance Scholarship for Aboriginal students entering their first year of an Environmental Co-op Program at an Ontario college or university. One scholarship of up to $2,500 plus a paid co-op work term is awarded annually.

Ontario Native Education Counselling Association has two scholarship categories:

Four Directions:  (4) $1,000.00 scholarships will be awarded to four individuals who are graduating from secondary school and proceeding to post secondary.  Students must have an overall average of 75% or better.   Deadline for application June 30, 2014.

Colin Wasacase Scholarship: (1) $1,000.00 scholarship will be awarded to a full time post secondary student in a first year counselling program proceeding to second year.  Student must have an overall average of 75% or better.  Deadline for application is June 30, 2014

Go to for more details.

Indspire supports post secondary students through scholarships and bursaries.  We have had several students win bursaries through this non profit organization that “has awarded more than $54  million dollars in scholarships and bursaries to 16,000 First Nation, Inuit and Metis recipients nationwide”.

Click Here for Info about a Health Scholarship

Tutoring Program

Continues each Wednesday after school in the library.                                                  

Math Homework Help

Welcome to Homework Help! The Ask A Tutor chat is open for the year: Sun-Thurs 5:30pm-9:30pm ET.

Homework Help is a free online math help resource for students in Grades 7-10. Homework Help provides free, live one-on-one tutoring from Ontario teachers Sunday to Thursday from 5:30pm – 9:30pm ET.

Homework Help is funded by the Ontario government and administered by TVO’s Independent Learning Centre.

For all these great math resources at your fingertips, register above!

Websites:  This website is specific to Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario. What is a learning disability???

LDs which is short for learning disabilities affect one or more of the ways that a person takes in, stores, or uses information. LDs come in many forms and affect people with varying levels of severity. Between 5 and 10 percent of Canadians have LDs.

LDs are a life-long condition they do not go away but can be coped with successfully by using areas of strength to compensate and accommodations such as technology.

A quick example: a student could have an LD that affected her reading-and-understanding. She knows how to read, but the process of decoding the words and sentences takes so much effort that she comprehends little of what she’s read. This student has learned that this is the case, and now records lectures to listen to later, and listens to audio-books on tape and CD. She has compensated by using her strong listening skills.

LDs and their effects are different from person to person, so a person’s pattern of learning abilities need to be understood in order to find good, effective strategies for compensation. This site give a brief overview of what funding is available to Ontario students