*Important Note – November 6th Meeting has been changed to November 20th*
Dear Wahta Members,
Greeting to all members both hunters and non-hunters. The Walleye bite is picking up before ice-in with reports of some very large walleye being caught out on Muskoka Lake near the river mouth as they start to stack up outside Bracebridge. Northern Pike are being caught in both good numbers and size near the Huntsville area. The Bass have turned their backs on the weather, they have headed to the deeper sections of the lakes in the Muskoka area where the rocks meet the weed edges. We may have seen the last of the Bass bite for the year unless we get some settled weather again. With fall here in all of it’s glory the hunting season is in full swing. I have had reports from hunters in my circle of communication that the Black bear, and Moose seasons have been successful for some and not as well for others. I have enjoyed a few trips out this year with little success, but always nice to spend time in the bush successful or not. I hope that the Wahta members have had some success in their efforts to put meat in the freezer. I would like to know if any members have had any luck with Wild Turkey hunting this year. Please drop by the office to tell me of your success or lack of success with your fishing and hunting this season.
The November 6th meeting has been changed to November 20 at the administration building. I would like to extend an invitation to all members, concerned with the proposed changes to the hunting by-law to attend the November 20th meeting. We will be discussing the purpose for the proposed change, and reviewing the draft by-law. We will be providing snacks, coffee, and a door prize. This meeting is open to all members both hunters and non-hunters alike. We need your input to create a by-law that protects your rights to hunt and fish. If you cannot attend the November 20th meeting your input on this matter is still valued. Please feel free to stop by my office at the administration building to have a discussion, or make comments on the website under the by-law page.
I look forward to meeting with you either at the meeting on November 20th or speaking in person at my office at the administration building.