Hunting By-Law Survey – A survey of 5 questions that address ongoing issues of hunting rights in our community is now open for feedback. The questions are listed below, please use the link below to complete your answers.

Survey Questions

1. There is a legal tension and uncertainty between the rights of CP (Certificate of Possession) land owners in Wahta and the inherent right to hunt on all territorial lands. Do you agree or disagree that hunting should take place on CP lands?

2. Non-member spouses and children share our land and may wish to harvest and fish for the benefit of their Indigenous family. Do you feel that spouses or children of Wahta members should be able to hunt and fish on Wahta lands?

3. Once by-laws are approved, enforcement is the next step. Wahta can hire its own by-law officer or use the OMNR (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources) by-law officer on an on-call basis. Should the OMNR be the enforcement mechanism for the by-law?

4. Animal harvesting has taken place from vehicles when the opportunity arises. Some feel this is not fair hunting practice. Do you feel that hunting from vehicles on roadways is a practice that should be allowed?

5.In order to maintain healthy wildlife populations often a reasonable limit is placed on harvesting different species. Should there be a limit to how many animals are harvested by permit holders?

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