Chief and Council has initiated a survey that has been sent to all members regarding the future of Iroquois Cranberry Growers. It is our intention to get as much feedback from the community as possible to move forward in the right direction.

ICG has been a very impressive accomplishment for Wahta for many years but over time has run into different challenges as many farming facilities do. It is Councils intention to hear the voice of the community and move forward with the decision that best fits the needs of the community.

The mail out includes a brief history as well as three options to consider and space to include comments or suggestions. The mail out also contains a self-addressed stamped envelope for easy return. We ask that you please send it back by December 12.

An ICG forum was held Sep 17, you can find the material referenced at the meeting such as the business plan and the slides detailing the state of ICG today and a copy of the survey itself at (login required)

As always please feel free to contact us anytime at