Here is an electronic version of the MRP information booklet -> On Reserve Matrimonial Real Property Information.

There will be upcoming information sessions, calls and meetings on this issue. Please take the time to read this if you live on reserve, it could affect you. We are also asking members to log into the members area and take a quick 10 question survey. Please visit our Matrimonial Real Property Information Page.

As you may be aware as of December 16th 2014 anyone married of living in a common law relationship on reserve are subject to the provisional laws outlined in the Family Homes on Reserves and Matrimonial Interest or Rights Act (FHRMIRA). The provisional law has the potential to impact your interest in the matrimonial home.

Wahta is continuing to gather information and consult members regarding potentially drafting our own Matrimonial Real Property Law (MRP). To date information has been posted in newsletters, handouts have been available at the administration office and has been a subject at two general meetings.

We are looking for your input into the question as to whether the Wahta Mohawks should develop and implement our own law as described in FHRMIRA. We would like to hear from you.