Citizenship Update – Next Meeting Saturday March 17th 10am

All members and their families are encouraged to take part in the ongoing Citizenship/Membership discussions which are vital in understanding the community of Wahta, the strong history of survival, community and pride. Understanding the perspective of the; youth, parents, non- indigenous spouses, traditional longhouse and others is also vital as the process moves along.

With the implementation of Bill S-3 An Act to Amend the Indian Act (elimination of sex based inequities in registration) more people will be obtaining status thereby causing more people to have status and not membership. Although our discussions are not geared towards status issues, it will impact the ongoing interpretation of membership criterion.

Many citizens of Wahta Mohawks and their families live away from their home territory, this should not affect the collective rights of the nation, everyone
counts. Some questions to consider are:

What are the impacts on children and grandchildren?

How will status affect membership?

What are the most important values and principles that should be reflected in our own Wahta citizenship code?

Part of the process is to determine and define possible considerations such as Lineage, Blood Quantum, Tradition, Language, Duties and Responsibilities as members, Residency, History, Clans, Marriage, Adoption etc.

Chief and Council have the responsibility in the collective decision-making process to ensure that the citizenship code, roles and responsibilities reflect the values of Wahta Mohawks and its members. This process will include identifying key decision points, being respectful of other points of view, facilitating and creating a safe place for ongoing discussion.

Please join us Saturday March 17 – 10am at the Cultural Healing Centre. *Child minding is available for the duration of the meeting on a first come, first serve basis, spots are limited. Please register for child minding no later than March 12th at or call all 705-762-2354 ext. 256

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