Small Communities Fund

One more positive step toward development:

Back in early January Wahta was approved to enter the final phase of an application process aimed at bringing safe drinking water to a least a portion of the community. This funding being applied for is from the New Building Canada Fund – Small Communities Fund.

One of the conditions in moving forward is to secure support from a nearby municipality. Such a formality lends itself to good neighbour relations as well as considering potential conflicts if two large communities are geographically very close to each other. Council recorded entering into this process September 29, 2015 at the regular monthly Council meeting.

The District of Muskoka passed a support resolution March 21. There was some confusion in the wording of our request by naming the project an upgrade to our plant, rather than the building of a system, but this was clarified and we now can move on with the process. This project is aimed at supplying the area of the senior’s subdivision. Completing this project will be a good move forward, paving the way for eventual expansion.

Wahta is listed by Health Canada as being on a boil water advisory, and has been for at least a decade. The water treatment system (sometimes referred to technically as a “plant”) at the community centre certainly has not provided safe water as it draws from the lake. Currently our homes are on individual well’s and septic fields. In some cases those septic fields are old, posing a risk of contamination to the drinking water supply.

Water in Wahta under the Small Communities Fund will be the first attempt by any recent Wahta Council to bring good water to the area, the last attempt being in the 1990’s was cost prohibited.

This Council stands by its commitment and duty to enhance the community and membership in the areas of lands, people, economics and governance. Council hopes that our membership can appreciate such positive developments and offer constructive comment rather than looking for nefarious actions where none exist. It takes all of us as a community to work forward through each issue as we look to build toward the future.