Thank-You Members

Chief and Council would like to take this opportunity to thank our members for choosing to re-elect Chief Franks, Councilor Greasley and Councilor Schell as well as the new members of council, Councilor Commandant and Councilor Strength-Fenton.

Council would also like to thank the people that were nominated for stepping up and being involved. We congratulate them on their achievements.

Our goal is to keep moving forward for a peaceful community that includes understanding, compassion and more dialogue to assist us in acquiring a better understanding of our differences.

Currently Council is going through an orientation period resulting in a set of priorities and additions to the strategic plan. Once a draft is complete the updated strategic plan will be shared with the membership.

Council will continue to represent you with the utmost transparency and fairness. Thank you once again for expressing your confidence, and for giving us the opportunity to serve the Wahta Mohawk membership