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Wahta Mohawks Community Unity Peace Process

Chief and Council have contracted Kevin Kanahsohon Deer, Ed Connors and Three Bears Consulting as part of our Community Unity (Peace process) Initiative. This page will include ongoing progress updates and upcoming meetings dates.

What’s happening? First we would like to know what you believe are the issues that are keeping your community members from working together in a united way?  We would also like to know what you would like to see happen to improve relationships?

This is a two fold process, the first is to have Kevin and Ed develop a peacemaking process that will allow the community, to create the peaceful community and environment that we all collectively envision.

This will take place over the next 2 years to create and achieve this vision of a unified peaceful community. You can read the initial proposal as well as any updates attached below.

Membership, Leadership and Governance:
A Community Peacemaking Process – An Update

During the February 2017 weekend gathering we had Rick Hill a well known Haudenosaunee teacher to speak to us about the principles, form of government and leadership that come from the Great Law of Peace.  Ed Conner’s and Kevin Deer facilitated the conference, Alisa Lombard and Kahante Horn-Miller also did presentations on getting to the roots of Indigenous citizenship, membership and identity as well as some examples of other communities that have faced similar challenges. This was provided to help you to make decisions about governance, leadership and defining membership within your community.

Here is a summary of the event, as well the entire event was videotaped and is now available online.

February 2017 Conference Summary

Please use the links below to watch the presentation.

Video #1 – Introduction – Alisa Lombard

Video #2 – Kahante Horn-Miller

Video #3 – Rick Hill

Video #4 – Rick Hill Continued

Video #5 – Kahante Horn-Miller

Video #6 – Alisa Lombard

Video #7 – Alisa Lombard

Community Vision Narrative January 2017

Next Steps Update 2017

Wahta Mohawks Peacemaking Process Update 2016

Download Wahta Peace Proposal 2016 

The second initiative is for Three Bears Consulting to review the current membership code and develop a plan that includes community consultation, research, public meetings and education. Her team will work in conjunction with Kevin and Ed to develop a peaceful community plan that includes the voices of all members that wish to participate.

Here is a copy of the Three Bears Consulting Summary and the Community Engagement and Citizenship Code Development Proposal.

Three Bears Consulting Summary

Membership, Leadership and Governance: A Community Peacemaking Process (Rama Event)

The weekend was a success! The presenters were able to offer a different perspective on membership, leadership and governance as well as demonstrate what is possible for Wahta and that small communities can achieve their own independence in many different ways. Below are all the presentations in pdf format, the entire weekend was also video recorded and will be available on this page soon.

Rick Hill Presents The Great Law of Peace

Rick Hill Presents 3 Leadership Lessons

Alisa Lombard Presents The Indian Act and Identity

Kahente Horn-Miller Presents Getting to the Roots of Indiginous Membership

Alisa Lombard and Kahente Horn-Miller Present:

Citizenship – Positive and Sustainable Paths Forward

Further information on Citizenship development including presentations and upcoming consultations can be found at

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