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Karen Sahanatien
Lands & Housing

She:kon, my name is Karen Sahanatien and I have been working for the Wahta Mohawks for almost 20 years. I have had a couple different jobs since I’ve been employed here, namely reception and welfare administrator. Currently, I work in the lands and housing department.

My work in lands primarily deals with maintaining lands files, transferring parcels of land from one member to another, registration of agreements for cottage leases, survey requests, maintaining emergency 911 number lists and any other land enquiries. As required, I liaise with staff at Aboriginal Affairs.

As of December 2014, a new law called matrimonial real property was enacted. This now means spouses or common law spouses, native or not, must sign off stating they are aware of any on reserve land transactions being conducted by their spouse. Wahta Mohawks has the ability to create our own matrimonial real property law if this is something the community wishes.

In the housing area, I assist members with applying for housing renovations, housing subsidy applications and water and sanitation assistance. When needed, I liaise with Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation that provide building inspections/recommendations and Health Canada which provide inspections on septic systems and wells.

Wahta Mohawks owns several rental units for seniors and families. These units provide housing for members who have no home of their own or are in the process of building their own home. Applications are available for members who wish to apply.


I have taken on the role of membership registrar since last May 2014. This work includes reviewing the application, reviewing supporting documents, determining eligibility and making recommendations to council. Ancestry inquiries can also be directed to me.

Membership is determined by Wahta Mohawks and status is determined by Aboriginal Affairs.

There are currently 576 members and 743 have status.

Click here for Wahta Mohawks Membership Application

For further information, please contact Karen
705-762-2354 Ex 222

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The Lands (Housing & Residential) provides information and processes application for such matters as:

  • House Building on the Territory (members only)
  • Housing Subsidy Application and Ministerial Loan Guarantee Process
  • Housing Renovation Assistance Program
  • Sanitation and Water Supply Assistance Program
  • Residential rental units owned and operated by the Wahta Mohawks
  • Land Transfer between individual members with registration with INAC
  • Lease agreements between land certificate holders and leasees

Should you have any questions or concerns related to any of the above matters, please contact Karen Sahanatien, Ext. 222