Iroquois Caucus

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Akwesáhsne, Kahnawà:ke, Kahnesatá:ke, Oneida of the Thames, Six Nations of the Grand River, Tyendinaga, and Wahta are communities of the Iroquois Confederacy. Although we are separated by distance, we recognize that we are one People who share a common Identity, common responsibilities and our own system of Law and government.

We have come together as the “Iroquois Caucus” where we can discuss our shared issues and concerns, come to be of one mind and speak with one voice. Together, we develop consensus-based positions, formulate nation-based strategies and seek solutions beneficial to our people.

As Iroquois, we will now, and in the future, represent ourselves at all regional, national and International levels and speak on our own behalf as one People.


Nation to Nation – Government to Government Letter – The signed document was delivered in person to Minister Bennett on December 7th 2017.