Wahta Mohawks Trust Background

trustThe Wahta Mohawks Trust was established pursuant to the land claims settlement agreement reached with the Federal and Provincial Governments. This agreement included the return of land and monetary compensation. As part of this agreement the parties agreed to establish a Wahta Mohawks Trust Fund for the monetary portion of this settlement for the “use and benefits of the Wahta Mohawks and its citizens”. The agreement establishes that the full monetary value of the settlement shall be invested for at least 21 years.

The Trust agreement sets out the terms and conditions for the establishment of the Trust, the manner in which the funds shall be invested and the obligations of the Trustees who are elected and appointed to manage the Trust. The Trustees are obligated to establish policies and regulations on how the income earned from the trust will be used and invested. 

Wahta Mohawks Community Trust Application Form 2017  (Word Document)

Wahta Mohawks Community Trust Application Form 2017 (PDF Document)

2015 Approved Projects

The Wahta Mohawks Trustees are pleased to announce that we have approved funding support from the income earned on Trust for the following projects:

Wahta Mohawks Nurse Practitioner Station
$330,000.00 for the renovations of the old Family Resource Centre

Old Band Hall
$290,700.00 for renovating the old band hall for a Culture/Healing Centre. This project is in partnership with the Ontario Trillium Foundation

2014 Approved Projects

Wahta Mohawks Administration
$12,00.00 staff leadership training provided by Morningstar Leadership
$95,000.00 Front Loader for Maintenance

2012 Approved Projects

Wahta Mohawks Administration
$35,000.00 passenger van for the use of Wahta Mohawks administration staff
$150,000.00 Snow plow to maintain roads throughout the Wahta Mohawk territory

Community Development
$200,000.00 for the purchase of land made available through the land claim agreement

Wahta Nursing Station
$49,100.00 for the purchase of Electronic Medical Records program system

2011 Approved Projects

Wahta Mohawks Administration
$81,670.00 for the purchase of a diesel generator
$96,450.00 for upgrades to the existing tennis court (Sport Court Multi-Use Game Court)


The TRUST has renewed its membership with NATOA (National Aboriginal Trust Officers Association) for 2015. The TRUST met with Mark Sevestre “President of NATOA, to discuss Fiduciary Duties.

Moving forward, the TRUST will continue to keep Wahta Mohawk members updated on TRUST business by updating the website as new business is brought forth. To ensure accountability and transparency, all motions and minutes are available to Wahta Mohawk members. Year end audit will be submitted in a timely matter.
Current Issues

The Trustees would like to welcome Colleen Mendes as the new Coordinator to Trust

Three of the five Trust Board Members are elected and two are appointed by the Wahta Mohawks Council. The current elected Trustees are:

  • Shirley Hay
  • Tim Thompson
  • Lance DeCaire
  • Coordinator to Trust, Colleen Mendes
  • The two appointed Trustees are: Philip Franks and Michael DeCaire.
    According to the Trust Agreement, they will serve until their term on Council ends and new Trustees are appointed. 

The TRUST is accepting applications on a continual basis.

Download Wahta Mohawks Community Trust Application Form

If you would like more information please contact;
Co-ordinator to Trust
(705) 762-2354