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Kristal Berwick Employment and Training

Kristal Berwick
Employment and Training

My name is Kristal Berwick (nee Strength) and I am a status member of Wahta Mohawks. I grew up in Gravenhurst and moved to Wahta in 2004. I am married and have a beautiful daughter who I am very proud of.

My education consists of Licenced Hairstylist, Early Childhood Education diploma, First Nation Social Service Administrator Certificate and Indigenous Social Service Worker diploma.

In 2005, I became employed with Wahta Mohawks as the Employment Officer and Social Service Administrator. Besides these two positions I am the Administrator for Homemakers, I oversee the National Child Benefit Reinvestment (NCBR), Transitional Support Fund, First Nation Inuit Youth Employment Strategy (FNIYES) which consists of summer student employment and Traditional Kids Camp. I am often found multitasking in my office as I work with children, youth, adults and elders.

For the past year I have sat on the Joint Health and Safety Committee for Wahta Mohawks and Board of Directors for Kagita Mikam.
If you would like to contact me, I can be reached during the work hours at 705-762-2354 ext. 230 please leave a message if I am not available for your call or by email kristal.berwick@wahtamohawks.ca

Kagita Mikam

kagita logoMEDIntakes applications are ongoing for Kagita Mikam Employment & Training Program. If you are unemployed, underemployed or out of school, and would like to receive training to get back into the workforce then support is available upon meeting the criteria.

Programs available through Kagita Mikam are: Purchase of Training, Targeted Wage Subsidy, Mobility Assistance, Youth Work Experience, Employment Assistance Supports and Self Employment Assistance. Funding for training is available for up to 1 year.

For more information, please contact Simon at 705-762-2354 ext. 245 or simon.sutherland@wahtamohawks.ca

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Transition Support Funding

Assistance is available for Homeowners that are deemed low income and require health related repairs to their home. Also if you have appliances that are 10 years old and require replacement, assistance may be available. Please note that you must live on the Territory to obtain funding for this program.

To be deemed low income, please see the chart below.

Size of Family Unit Rural Areas
1 person $18,721.00
2 persons $23,306.00
3 persons $28,651.00
4 persons $34,788.00
5 persons $39,454.00
6 persons $44,499.00
7+ persons $49,542.00


Along with filling out an application, you must provide proof of income (Canada Revenue Agency Assessment); offer a copy of certificate of possession or a certificate of occupancy for your home that you reside in on the Reserve.