Proposed Membership Code

Proposed Membership Code – After lengthy consultation there is now a draft membership code drafted for discussion, see links below. This proposed code focuses on lineage rather than blood quantum and may address the changing needs of our community. As per the current membership code regulations any new code or changes to the existing code will require a referendum at a future date.

Please review the proposed membership code documents and join us on October 5, 2019 for discussions on the code and how it can be applied or changed in a way that best suits the needs of the Wahta membership as a whole. Alternatively you can call or email the band office and speak with Chief and Council.

Introduction Letter and Visual Code Structures

Wahta Mohawks Citizenship Code 2019 – Draft

Proposed Membership Code Plain Language Version

Current Wahta Mohawks Citizenship Code – February 222014

Paper copies of all documents are available at the Administration Building.

Membership Update

Membership Survey Results – You can now view the full results of the membership survey available online. Click here Wahta Membership Survey Results.   Note – be sure to read the comments beneath the survey questions.

Wahta Community Engagement Report – The Community Engagement report conducted by by Waneek Horn-Miller in late 2018 is now complete and can be downloaded here – Wahta Community Engagement Report

Citizenship legal Review below:

Citizenship Legal Opinion – Summary for the Community

Full Opinion re. Citizenship Code

Paper copies of all documents are available at the Administration Building.

Membership Code Survey

The survey is now closed, thank-you all for participating! 

Our membership survey has now been mailed out. The purpose of this survey is to assist Chief and Council in gathering important information that will help to understand the challenges and opportunities that our membership code is faced with today.

The first membership code was introduced in 1987. Several changes have taken place throughout the years, most notably in 2014 with the decrease in blood quantum from 50% to 25% eligibility.

With the changing environment regarding Indian Status and issues of inclusivity within our community the question of membership continues to this day.

In order to take a look at the membership code constructively the issues must first be understood from a community perspective and what our members may or may not see as the main issues. We welcome your input for a more in depth conversation on what the code represents, possible changes and the sustainability of Wahta Mohawks.

If you have any questions or concerns please call or email us at

Citizenship Meetings

Citizenship Information

As part of our ongoing commitment to the citizenship code review we are including as much information on this page as possible. Membership issues have been ongoing for many years and the code itself does not address how the future of the Wahta Mohawk membership will be sustained.

Many First Nations are facing similar questions as to how they would most like to identify as Wahta citizens. Below are some resources to help with understanding our code and the challenges it brings. Currently membership is determined by Wahta Mohawks as per the registrar and status is determined by Aboriginal Affairs.

Download Current Citizenship Code

Download current Wahta Mohawks Membership Application

If you need specific information on membership enrollment please contact

Citizenship Code Legal Review

In June 2017 Chief and Council sought the legal advice of Attorney Alisa Lombard to review our current citizenship code.  This was announced at the May 23, 2017 public council meeting. There is no doubt the intent at the time was to preserve our heritage, however it is has become obvious that the code now faces many constitutional and discriminatory challenges.

Over time we will be holding information sessions about how the code can be made stronger and how things such as blood quantum currently affect our community. These sessions may include working groups, committees or anyone that has an interest in how the code applies to the next seven generations.

To start please download the full legal review and the summary below:

Citizenship Legal Opinion – Summary for the Community

Full Opinion re. Citizenship Code

Citizenship Presentations

Chief and Council has  contracted Three Bears Consulting to review the current membership code and develop a plan that includes community consultation, research, public meetings and education. Her team will work in conjunction with Kevin Deer and Ed Conners to develop a peaceful community plan that includes the voices of all members that wish to participate. You can read more on the Community Unity process here at

Download February 2017 Conference Summary

Below is a copy of the Three Bears Consulting Summary and the Community Engagement and Citizenship Code Development Proposal.

Three Bears Consulting Summary

Official Wahta Proposal Three Bears Consulting

Three Bears Consulting also held some community engagement sessions. These sessions below are being presented to Wahta Members to provide some context and background information on the various issues that may help form questions and answers that can help guide the citizenship review process here at Wahta.

Indigenous Citizenship, Membership and Identity

Getting to the Roots of Indigenous Citizenship, Membership and Identity
Presented by Carleton University Assistant Professor Dr.Kahente Horn-Miller (Mohawk, Bear Clan).
Held October 22nd

Download Video Slides “Getting to the Roots of Indigenous Citizenship, Membership and Identity”

Part 1 (First 20 seconds inaudible)

Part 2

Part 3

Indian Act Identity

The Indian Act and Identity; the law’s construction of Indigenous Identity Presented by Alisa Lombard, Miqmaq constitutional lawyer. Presented by Alisa Lombard, Miqmaq constitutional lawyer. Held October 23rd

Download “The Indian Act and Identity; the law’s construction of Indigenous Identity”

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