Economic Development

Lance DeCaire, Economic Development Officer

Lance DeCaire, Economic Development Officer

I’m Lance DeCaire. I spent my early years in Bala and we then moved to Toronto where I started school. I have many fond memories of long summers spent at my Grandparents in Muskoka. I began high school in Vancouver and lived in BC until I moved back to Ontario in the ‘80s.

I worked for a large multi-national firm in several positions including customer service, technical support, training, new product development and my final position as Director of Logistics. I left to start my own software company and developed a highly specialized accounting program that is now used by all of the large accounting firms (KPMG, PriceWaterhouse, etc), the Government of Canada (Industry Trade and Commerce), and hundreds of accounting firms in Canada and the Caribbean. Two years ago I sold the company to a US insurance firm and became a house renovator (renovating my house!).

I am very excited by the challenges and opportunities in Economic Development at Wahta. I look forward to working with all members as we build a sustainable future that provides for the present while respecting at least the next seven generations to come. I have experience in many facets of business and would be happy to assist members in any way I can.

I hold a BSc in Environmental Science from the University of Toronto and studied Commerce at Carleton University. I have two grown children and interests in antique electronics and I play several musical instruments.

Lance DeCaire
Economic Development Officer
Wahta Mohawks

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