Cultural Healing Centre

Grand Opening Success!

1aThe official grand opening June 18 was a big success!
Below are some pictures of the recent naming ceremony which included 14 children and 1 adult performed by Pine Tree Chief Kanenrahkénia:te (Terry Sahanatien) and Iohate Sahanantien and Lucia Sahanatien. 

Children were given names based on their individual characteristics while others were already given their name by family from birth.
Afterwards we heard author Lee Maracle whose message was about letting go of a painful past and embracing a future with strong cultural values and the importance of family. It was a historical moment for Wahta, thank-you to all who attended and to the staff and Cultural Centre Committee for their dedication.

Cultural Healing Guiding principles

COMMUNITY-HEALTH-AND-CULTURAL-HEALING-Mission-Vision-Guiding-Principles2We are excited to offer the vision statement, mission statement and guiding principles completed above, and encourage any feedback and comments. We look forward to moving forward in a positive direction to promote health and healing within our community.

The Centre will provide a safe,non-discriminatory space available for everyone for self- empowerment and community connection. The Centre will be available to all community members and residents.

Please keep in mind that as we progress over time our vision and mission statements will change to reflect our growth.  You may call Sue Tait, current Chair of the committee at 705-762-3343 or email

Cultural Healing Centre Information

The Community Health and Cultural Healing Centre Advisory Committee (CHCHAC) members have a two year term, with an annual rotation of 3 committee members. Of the 7 committee members; three members are Wahta Mohawk staff appointed by Senior Administrator, with 2 ex-officio members (Senior Administrators of Wahta Mohawks and Cottage Country Health Team).