Welcome to the Long Term Care Information page. Here you will find updates on the progress of the LTC Advisory Circle, ongoing reports and the online survey. The graph below is a simplified outline of the steps involved.

Latest Report May 2017 Phase One Report Phase One Report – Strengths and Needs Assessment

Long Term Care Assessment Presentation

Online Survey – You are invited to participate in an online survey. The purpose of this survey is to assist the Administration and the Long-term Care (LTC) Advisory Circle in gathering important information that will help Council as they move forward with building a Long-term Care home and a range of home care services on the Territory.

The survey is complete and the results are in – Download Long Term care Survey Results

A total of 106 people completed the survey. The results represents 93 respondents. A couple really interesting things to note:

1. 69% of respondents are band members who reside off the territory.

2. Of those who live outside of Wahta, 83% would consider moving to Wahta when they get older or retire.

3. There was a great age and gender distribution — captured nearly all categories.

There where so many great pieces of advice and opinions written on the surveys. Members definitely invested time when completing them – lots of additional comments.