Housing Development

Matthew C Commandant Housing Coordinator

Matthew Commandant was raised in Wahta.  After school and working in the family business, he started work for Wahta Mohawks in 1991.  Both of Matthew’s grandfathers farmed at Wahta and both of Matthew’s parents have been Chiefs at Wahta. He has worked in different capacities including a long period at Iroquois Cranberry Growers.  He is currently Working as the Housing Coordinator.  He loves the land, enjoys fishing and has an interest in the history of Wahta and Muskoka in general.  Matthew lives on Wahta with his husband and son.

As Housing Coordinator, Matthew has been dealing with the 20-Year Housing Needs Study as well as developing policies related to housing.  He is planning training for staff, renters and home owners about important aspects of maintaining homes.  Matthew along with Bonnie Racine has been working on a database with information on all on-reserve Assets (mainly buildings) that Wahta Mohawks has and data on private homes.  This data is to be used for submissions to funding agencies.

Currently Wahta Mohawks has entered into the First Nation Market Housing Fund (FNMHF) that will allow our community better access to financing for Wahta Mohawk citizens to build a single home, build a multiple family dwelling, purchase a home or building, build a ‘Rent-To-Own Home’, or to renovate a home in Wahta.

The FNMHF is currently in development and expected availability date is early 2018.

The FNMHF is not intended as a grant program nor does it have any affiliation with the Housing Policy Subsidy Application. The applicant is required to apply to the financial institution outlined in the policy subject to approval, this is a separate function from Wahta Mohawks.